POST /automation/v1/automations/trigger (Beta)

This feature is a Beta Service. Customer may opt to try such Beta Service in its sole discretion. Any use of the Beta Service is subject to the applicable Beta Services Terms provided at Agreements and Terms.

Before you begin, you must opt in to the beta.

Start a marketing automation inside Marketing Cloud’s Automation Studio with the trigger start source and Trigger API. When a file is uploaded, fire a Trigger API request to Marketing Cloud, passing the file’s details to be evaluated by Automation Studio.

You can queue a maximum of 100 Trigger requests at a time for the same MID.

Required Scopes

Installed Packages > Automation > Automations > Write, execute

JSON Parameters

fileTransferLocationKeystringRequired. The file location API identifier.
filenamestringRequired. The name of the file.
deduplicateKeystringOptional. An alphanumeric with dashes key, such as the AWS eTag or versionID. Subsequent requests within the past hour using a previously used deduplicateKey are ignored.

Example Request with Response

Example Request

Example Response