The BusinessUnit object represents a unit within a larger Enterprise or Enterprise 2.0 account. To create or update business unit roles, you must have the Administration | Business Units | Manage Roles permission. To create or update a BusinessUnit subscriber filter, you must have the Administration | Business Units | Define Subscriber Filter permission.

NameData TypeDescription
AccountTypeAccountTypeEnumType of Marketing Cloud Engagement account. Valid values include:
  • None
AccountUsersAccountUser[]An array of users associated with a specific account.
AddressxsdThe physical mailing address required at the bottom of all email messages contains the information described by this property (no P.O. Boxes). The address used to communicate with a Person.
BrandIDxsdSpecifies brand tags to use on an account
BusinessNamexsdBusiness name of an account's owner
BusinessRulesBusinessRule[]Not used.
ChildrenAccountDataItem[]An array of AccountDataItem objects that represent child accounts of this account.
CityxsdCity of an account's owner to be displayedin thephysical mailing address required at the bottom of all email messages
ClientClientIDSpecifies the account ownership and context of an object.
CorrelationIDxsdIdentifies correlation of objects across several requests.
CountryxsdCountry of an account's owner, as displayed in the physical mailing address required at the bottom of all email messages
CreatedDatexsdRead-only date and time of the object's creation.
CustomerIDxsdNot used.
CustomerKeyxsdUser-supplied unique identifier for an object within an object type. This property corresponds to the external key assigned to an object.
DBIDxsdNot used.
DefaultHomePageLandingPageDefines default landing page for business unit to use as home page.
DefaultSendClassificationSendClassificationDefines default send classification for all sends from a specific business unit.
DeletedDatexsdRead-only date and time of an account's deletion (the value of this property must be set before the account can be deleted).
DescriptionxsdDescribes and provides information regarding the object.
EditionIDxsdSpecifies the product edition of the account. Valid values include:
  • 2 Core
  • 3 Advanced
  • 4 Enterprise
  • 5 On Your Behalf
  • 6 Lock & Publish
  • 7 Business Unit
  • 8 Agency
  • 9 Embedded
  • 10 Enterprise 2.0
  • 11 Enterprise 2.0 Business Unit
EmailxsdDefault email address for object. Indicates if subscriber information can be used for email sends.
FaxxsdFax number of the account's owner
FromNamexsdSpecifies the default email message From Name. Deprecated for email send definitions and triggered send definitions.
IDxsdRead-only identifier for an object. Some objects use the ObjectID property as a unique ID.
InheritAddressxsdSpecifies that an Enterprise 2.0 business unit inherits the address from the parent business unit.
IsActivexsdSpecifies whether the object is active
IsTestAccountxsdSpecifies whether an account is a "Test" account
IsTrialAccountxsdNot used.
LanguageLocaleLocaleDefines language preferences associated with a account, business unit, or user.
LocaleLocaleContains the locale information for an Account. If no location is set, Locale defaults to en-US.
MasterUnsubscribeBehaviorUnsubscribeBehaviorEnumDefines how master unsubscription requests are handled for a business unit.Valid values include ENTIRE_ENTERPRISE or BUSINESS_UNIT_ONLY.
ModifiedDateNullable`1Indicates the last time object information was modified.
NamexsdName of the object or property.
ObjectIDxsdSystem-controlled, read-only text string identifier for object.
ObjectStatexsdNot used.
OrgIDxsdParent account ID for On-Your-Behalf or Lock-and-Publish accounts
OwnerOwnerDescribes account ownership of subscriber in an on-your-behalf account.
ParentAccountAccountProvides more information regarding the parent account.
ParentIDxsdSpecifies thethe ID number of the parent account for Lock and Publish, On Your Behalf, Enterprise, and Enterprise 2.0 account children and business units.
ParentNamexsdSpecifies the name of the Parent account
PartnerKeyxsdUnique identifier provided by partner for an object. This property is accessible only via API.
PartnerPropertiesAPIProperty[]A collection of metadata supplied by the client and stored by the system. These properties are accessible only via API.
PhonexsdSpecifies a phone number. Specifies the phone number of the account owner. Specifies the Phone data type
PrivateLabelIDxsdSpecifies the private label for an account
PrivateLabelsPrivateLabel[]Specifies UI modifications to use on child accounts
ReportingParentIDxsdNot used.
RolesRole[]Collection of roles defined for an account.
StatexsdSpecifies the geographical state of the account's owner. The physical mailing address required at the bottom of all email messages contains the information described by this property.
SubscriberFilterFilterPartDefines filter used to assign subscribers to a specific business unit within an Enterprise or Enterprise 2.0 structure.
SubscriptionSubscriptionNot used.
TimeZoneTimeZoneContains time zone information for an Account. For Create and Update calls, this property defines the time zone for an Account object. On a Retrieve call, TimeZone indicates which time zone is in effect for the Account object in question. Without a specific time zone, the Account defaults to Central Standard Time.
ZipxsdSpecifies the zip code of the account's owner. The physical mailing address required at the bottom of all email messages contains the information described by this property.