Provides a way for users to reference a CloudPages URL in an account from an email message. Use this function in an email to pass information via a URL in an encrypted query string. For example, you could share a single unsubscription or profile center page for use in any sent email message. This method passes information in an encrypted query string without passing subscriber information or values in clear text.


CloudPagesURL(1, 2, 3)

Function Properties

1stringRequiredPage ID for the landing page reference in the URL. Locate this value on the appropriate CloudPage content details page. Page ID can be from the enterprise (EID) or the business unit (MID) where the function is used.
2stringRequiredName for additional parameter included in encrypted query string
3stringRequiredValue for additional parameter included in encrypted query string


This example includes the string value as part of a name and value pair.

This example includes multiple name and value pairs.