Use the Configure method to configure an account. Like many other SOAP methods, the Configure method accepts an array of objects to act upon and returns one result object for each object in the array. Therefore, a web service client can create one or many subscriber attributes (or property definitions) in one call and receive detailed results for each completed action.

NameData TypeDescription
ActionStringSpecifies an action to perform on one or many objects. Valid values include: Create, Update, or Delete. The number of subscriber attributes that you can create for your account is set when your account is configured. To create more subscriber attributes, contact Salesforce Customer Support.
ConfigurationsAPIObject[]A collection of account configurations.
OptionsConfigureOptionsOptionally specifies more processing options.
OverallStatusStringSpecifies the overall status of the request. Valid values include:
  • OK - All objects were successfully configured.
  • Has Error - When configuring multiple APIObject objects, this status means that some of the operations failed, while some succeeded.
  • Error - All configure operations failed during validation or processing.
  • MoreDataAvailable
  • UnsupportedAsyncOperation
OverallStatusMessageStringSpecifies the overall status message of the request.
RequestIDStringAn identifier for the request.

Create a Subscriber Attribute Using Configure Method