Returns the content contained in the specified stored content area.

ContentAreaByName(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

1stringRequiredName of the content area to return, including the path within the my contents folder if necessary
2stringName of the impression region to start
3booleanDetermines whether the function returns an error when the system cannot locate the specified content area or returns an invalid content area. A value of true returns an error. A value of false does not return an error. Defaults to true.
4stringDefault content to return if an error occurs. Defaults to an empty string.
5numericOutput parameter that returns the status of the call. A value of 0 indicates the function found the content area and successfully rendered the content. A value of -1 indicates either no content or an invalid content area.

The system returns the content of stored content area named Weekly Portfolio in the Stocks folder. In this example:

The function displays the Opt Out Form Default page if no other content is found. This example concatenates the base content area name with a Locale ID to provide an opt-out form in the appropriate language. If no Locale ID is specified, the function defaults to EN-US.