POST /asset/v1/content/categories

Creates a category (folder) in Content Builder.

JSON Parameters

NamestringRequiredName of the category.
ParentIdnumberRequiredID of the parent category.
CategoryTypestringThe type of category, either asset or asset-shared, which is automatically set to the CategoryType of the parent category. If set to asset-shared, include the SharingProperties in the call.
EnterpriseIdnumberID of the enterprise this business unit belongs to.
MemberIdnumberID of the member who creates the category.
SharingPropertiesobjectAllows you to share categories with one or more business units that have Content Builder Sharing enabled. See Sharing for additional information. Stores the MIDs of business units this category is shared with and the sharing type. Only included in the response if CategoryType is asset-shared.
SharingProperties.SharedWithobjectList of up to 100 MID IDs the category is shared with. To share the category with all business units in the enterprise, and if your account has access to Content Builder Across Enterprise Sharing, set this to 0. SharedWith cannot contain 0 and other MIDs simultaneously. Since shared categories live in and are owned by the enterprise business unit, don't include the enterprise business unit in the SharedWith property.
SharingProperties.SharingTypestringIndicates the permission that you are granting to the list of MIDs in sharedWith. The only possible value for categories is edit.
DescriptionstringDescription of the category.


Example Non-Shared Category Request

Example Non-Shared Category Response

Example Shared Category Request

Example Shared Category Response