Create a Data Extension Using an Existing Template

This page contains information about creating a data extension using an existing data extension template.

Because the data extension templates already exist, you can easily create the data extension for a specified use without outlining every necessary column and specification. This speeds your development time and ensures all correct information makes it into your data extension.

Use the sample code below as a model for your own API call. Use the following SOAP envelope to retrieve all data extension templates available to your account:

This SOAP envelope creates a data extension using the TriggeredSendDataExtension envelope.

While you can create a data extension with an external key larger than 36 characters, doing so may cause problems when using the data extension in conjunction with other processes (especially if working with the UI, which truncates the external key to the first 36 characters). Be sure to limit your data extension external keys to 36 characters to help ensure all further processes function correctly.