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Create a List

You can use the SOAP API to create lists (including publication lists and suppression lists) from within your development environment or other system to your Marketing Cloud Engagement account.

Create a list through SOAP API using a create request and the sample code listed below.

Follow the steps below to create a list using the SOAP API:

  1. Create a List object, including a name and a description.
  2. Populate the appropriate parameters (leaving ID null)
  3. Issue a Create request using the SOAP API.

The returned List object includes a populated ID variable (which may be of use in future calls).

For this sample code, replace partnerAPI with the name of your connection to the SOAP API.

You can optionally set a send classification on a subscriber list using either the ID or the CustomerKey of the send classification. Add the sample code below to your list if you wish to set a specific send classification to your list. Otherwise, the list uses the default commercial send classification for the account.