Create a List-Based Email Send Workflow

This page contains conceptual and procedural information on creating a list-based email send using the Marketing Cloud SOAP API. You can use this workflow to put together all of the elements in a list-based email send.

A list-based email send campaign takes a previously created email message and sends that message out to list of subscribers who have opted in to receive such emails.

Use the flow chart and sample code as an example of how to create and order the processes necessary for the list-based email campaign.

List-Based Email Send Workflow Process


SOAP Envelopes to Import Subscribers to List and Send Email

This section includes sample code you can use to create a list-based email send.

SOAP Request to Retrieve List

SOAP Response for Retrieve

SOAP Request to Create an Import Defintion and Tie It to a List

Before doing this, place a file containing your subscriber information in the Import directory under your FTP site.

SOAP Response to Create Import Defintion

SOAP Request to Start Import Definition

SOAP Response to Start Import Defintion

SOAP Request to Check Status of Import Start

SOAP Response to Check Status of Import Start

SOAP Request to Send Email to List