Create a Subscriber Attribute

This page contains information about creating a subscriber attribute.

Why Create a Subscriber Attribute

Subscriber attributes contain specific information about your subscribers, such as first and last name, gender, and geographical location. You can assign specific information as part of a subscriber attribute to be used as part of sends or subscriber management. Use the information to better target your sends and include only the subscribers you wish in certain groups. For example, you can create a subscriber attribute called Sales Region, assign subscribers to those regions, then conduct sends to specific groups instead of all subscribers.

How To Create a Subscriber Attribute

Use the sample code below as models for your own API calls. The number of subscriber attributes that can be created on an account is defined during account configuration. More subscriber attributes cannot be added to an account without re-configuring the number available for the account. Contact your Marketing Cloud representative for more information about changing the number of subscriber attributes available on your account.

Sample .NET Code

Sample Code for Creating a Subscriber Attribute

Sample PropertyDefinition for a Subscriber Attribute with Restricted Values

Sample Code for Deleting a Subscriber Attribute

Sample Java Code (Axis 1.4)

The sample code below demonstrates how to create attributes for On Your Behalf and Lock and Publish accounts.

Sample Java Code (CXF)

The code below creates a new attribute for subscribers:

Sample SOAP Envelope