Create a Triggered Send Definition

This documentation applies only to triggered sends that are managed in Email Studio. To use the transactional messaging REST API, review Transactional Messaging API.

You can create up to 500 total email triggered send definitions plus email transactional send definitions in a seven-day period for one business unit. This limit applies to send definitions created in the Marketing Cloud application and via API. It doesn’t apply to the Journey Builder email activity triggered send definition.

Why Create a Triggered Send Definition

You can create a triggered send definition to be referenced by your external application or development environment to send a predetermined message to subscribers that complete a certain action, such as signing up on your email list or requesting more information. Reference the triggered send definition in your triggered send request.

How To Create a Triggered Send Definition

Use the sample code below as a model for creating your own API call.

When you update a triggered send definition via the SOAP API with the Email object, you must set the EmailSubject property on the triggered send definition. If you don't pass the new subject to the triggered send definition, it retains the old subject for that definition.

Sample .NET Code

Sample Ruby on Rails Code

Sample Java Code (Axis 1.4)

Sample Java Code (Axis 2.0)

Sample PHP Code

Use the SDK examples from the PHP SDK for your PHP code.

Sample SOAP Envelope