Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete Folders

This page contains information about creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting folders in your account via the SOAP API.

You can use the SOAP API to interact with new or existing folders in your Marketing Cloud account. Use these folders to better organize the portfolio items, programs, or other assets in your account. This process allows you to maintain the tight integration between your development environment and Marketing Cloud.

Use the sample code below as a model for your own API calls. You can specify whether the folder is active, editable, or can support child folders using Boolean operators outlined in the sample code.

Sample .NET Code

Create a Folder

The Create call requires the name of the folder, the description of the folder, and the parent folder in which to place the new folder.

By default, the Create call for a DataFolder object sets the IsEditable and AllowChildren properties to false.

Retrieve a Folder with Filter by Type

Sample PHP Code

Retrieve Folder

Sample SOAP Envelopes

Create 3 Folders

SOAP Request

SOAP Response

Retrieve Created Folders


SOAP Response

Update Folders

SOAP Request

SOAP Response

Delete Folders

SOAP Request

SOAP Response