The DataExtensionFieldType object indicates the type of field contained within a data extension.

NameData TypeDescription
BooleanEnumerationIndicates the data extension field contains a Boolean value. Indicates the property is a Boolean value.
DateEnumerationSpecifies a field in a data extension as a date type.
DecimalEnumerationIndicates the data extension field contains numbers in decimal format.
EmailAddressEnumerationContains the email address for a subscriber. Indicates the data extension field contains email address data.
LocaleEnumerationContains the locale information for an Account. If no location is set, Locale defaults to en-US.
NumberEnumerationIndicates phone number to use in conjunction with a triggered send. Indicates number field type for field in a data extension.
PhoneEnumerationSpecifies a phone number. Specifies the phone number of the account owner. Specifies the Phone data type
TextEnumerationIndicates the data extension field holds text data. Indicates the email message consists of text-only content.