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DELETE /messaging/v1/email/definitions/{definitionKey}

Deletes a message definition. You can't restore a deleted definition. The deleted definition is archived, and a delete location of the definition key is provided in the response for reference. You can reuse a deleted definition key because the information associated with it is copied to a new unique identifier.

definitionKeystringRequiredUnique identifier of the definition.
200  Send definition is updated on server. Review example response.
 requestIdstringThe unique identifier of this request.
 deletedDefinitionKeystringNew value of the definition key for referencing the deleted definition.
200 OKSend definition is updated on server. Review example response.
400 Bad RequestInvalid request
403 ForbiddenFailed to pass authorization.
404 Not FoundSend definition doesn’t exist.
500 Server ErrorInternal error