Delete Scheduled Async API Conversation

Use the ScheduledConversation object to delete a scheduled conversation.

You can make the request synchronously or asynchronously by specifying synchronous or asynchronous as the request type. Asynchronous requests are queued and processed in the order they arrive. General delays in Async API processing impact an asynchronous deletion request, just like any other asynchronous request.

You can delete any scheduled conversation as long as it exists in the requesting MID.

204 AsyncAPI_ErrorThe conversation can’t be deleted at this time. Try again later. If the error continues to occur, contact Salesforce Customer Support.
220 AsyncAPI_Item_Not_FoundThe conversation can’t be found. Try again later. If the conversation still can’t be found, it doesn’t exist, even in deleted status.
222 AsyncAPI_Invalid_Status_To_Delete_ItemThe conversation can’t be deleted because it is already processed.