PATCH /asset/v1/content/deletedAssets/[AssetID]

Updates part of a deleted asset.

idnumberRequiredThe ID of the asset to update.
namestringName of the asset, set by the client. 200 character maximum.
customerKeystringReference to customer's private ID/name for the asset.
categoryIDnumberID of the category the asset belongs to.
200  Asset updated
 IdstringSystem-assigned ID for the category.
 NamestringName of the category.
 ParentIdnumberID of the parent category.
 CategoryTypestringThe type of category, either asset or asset-shared.
 MemberIdnumberID of the member who creates the category.
 EnterpriseIdnumberID of the enterprise this business unit belongs to.
 SharingPropertiesobjectStores the MIDs of business units this category is shared with and the sharing type. Only included in the response if CategoryType is asset-shared.
 MetaobjectMeta is used much like the data attribute on CMS assets but for internal functionality in Content Builder. If meta is returned, be sure to pass it through the API.
400  Bad Request
 MessagestringBad request!
403  Not found
 MessagestringInsufficient privileges