AMPscript Functions for use with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Use these AMPscript functions in conjunction with Smart Capture and landing pages to modify records in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

This example demonstrates how AMPscript functions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM returns values of columns collected on Smart Capture pages when returning null values.

If you can relate the specified attribute to multiple Dynamics CRM entities, you must specify the type of entity the attribute belongs to by adding this string, replacing lookup with the entity:

For example, you can relate the customerid field to an account or contact. If you relate customerid to an account, specify this by adding |account at the end of the attribute.

By including |partyentityname and substituting your name for the text following the pipe at the end of a series of fields and values, you can create a record on the party list with those fields and values. This process creates only one record, but you can populate any values (except for another party list). Use this attribute specifically for campaign responses, and the party list maps directly to the customer field on a campaign response.

This text creates a record on example partylist with two fields, field and field 2, assigned values of value and value2, respectively.