NameData TypeDescription
DataTypeExtractParameterDataTypeThis has been deprecated. Use ValueType. (PropertyDefinition) The data type of the parameter to pass to the Data Extract. Use the data type to dynamically build a user interface with some basic data validation. (ExtractParameterDescription)
DefaultValuexsdThe default value for a data extension field if no value is supplied (Include Now() as the default value if you wish to have a field default to today's date). Used by ExtractParameterDescription as the default value for the parameter if not suppliedwhen a data extract is executed. Used by PropertyDefinition if the default value for the attribute if not suppliedfor a data profile attribute.
DropDownListxsdSpecifies the multiple potential values for a dropdown list in an extract parameter.
IsOptionalxsdIndicates whether a parameter is optional.
NamexsdName of the object or property.