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POST /data/v1/filetransferlocation

This method creates a new AWS S3, or External SFTP file location. For each of the two types, parameters differ slightly, with differences shown below.

Installed Packages > Data > File Locations > Write

Scope: file_locations_write

Parameters Common to Both File Location Types

NameType Description
fileTransferLocation.namestringrequiredA name for your file location that identifies the location.
fileTransferLocation.customerKeystringoptionalThe key used when using the API.
fileTransferLocation.descriptionstringoptionalA description of the file location.
fileTransferLocation.locationTypestringoptionalOne of two possible types of file location, either AmazonSimpleStorage or ExternalSFTP.

Additional Parameters for a New AWS S3 File Location

NameType Description
fileTransferLocation.awsFileTransferLocation.authTypestringrequiredThe authorization method for the system to access the location. Values can be AccessKey or AccessKeyWithIAMRole.
fileTransferLocation.awsFileTransferLocation.accessKeyIdstringrequiredThe AWS Access Key ID for authorization.
fileTransferLocation.awsFileTransferLocation.secretAccessKeystringrequiredThe AWS Secret Access Key for authorization.
fileTransferLocation.awsFileTransferLocation.roleArnstringrequired if authType=AccessKeyWithIAMRoleFor AWS IAM Role authorization, use the Role ARN found in AWS. For example, arn:aws:iam::1234567890/Role_Name
fileTransferLocation.awsFileTransferLocation.regionNamestringrequiredThe region location of the bucket. For example, US-West (Oregon). See Supported AWS Regions below.
fileTransferLocation.awsFileTransferLocation.bucketnamestringrequiredThe name of your bucket in AWS.
fileTransferLocation.awsFileTransferLocation.relativepathstringoptionalThe relative location inside the bucket. Don’t use a leading or trailing “/” in your path.

Supported AWS Regions

AWS RegionregionName (value required via API)
US East (Virginia)useast1
US West (N. California)uswest1
US West (Oregon)uswest2
EU West (Ireland)euwest1
EU Central (Frankfurt)eucentral1
Asia Pacific (Tokyo)apnortheast1
Asia Pacific (Singapore)apsoutheast1
Asia Pacific (Sydney)apsoutheast2
South America (Sao Paulo)saeast1
China (Beijing)cnnorth1
US East (Ohio)useast2
EU North (Stockholm)eunorth1
EU West (London)euwest2
EU West (Paris)euwest3
Europe (Milan)eusouth1
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)apeast1
Asia Pacific (Seoul)apnortheast2
Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local)apnortheast3
Asia Pacific (Mumbai)apsouth1
China (Ningxia)cnnorthwest1
Canada (Central)cacentral1
Middle East (Bahrain)mesouth1
Africa (Cape Town)afsouth1

Additional Parameters for a New External SFTP File Location

NameType Description
fileTransferLocation.sFtpFileTransferLocation.authTypestringrequiredChoose the authorization method for the system to access the location. authType = password OR authKey
fileTransferLocation.sFtpFileTransferLocation.urlstringrequiredURL to the external SFTP location
fileTransferLocation.sFtpFileTransferLocation.usernamestringrequiredUsername to the external SFTP location
fileTransferLocation.sFtpFileTransferLocation.passwordstringrequired if authType=passwordPassword to the external SFTP location
fileTransferLocation.sFtpFileTransferLocation.keyManagementPublicKeystringrequired if authType=authKeyPassword to the external SFTP location

Example Request

Example Response

Example Request

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