File Location API

A file location is an FTP site or other file storage location used to transfer files to or from your Marketing Cloud account. It's useful to create, rotate, manage and delete access keys, such as Amazon S3 credentials and external SFTP usernames and passwords. A file location configuration contains keys, passwords, and URLs. It's used with Automation Studio activities such as:

  • Imports
  • Data extracts
  • File transfer activities

In the base URI example here, the abbreviation {tsd} is a placeholder to be replaced by the "tenant-specific domain".

Supported Use CaseHTTP VerbURI
Create a file location.POSTdata/v1/filetransferlocation
Get all file locations.GETdata/v1/filetransferlocations
Get a specific file location.GETdata/v1/filtransferlocation/{customerKey}
Update a specific file location.PATCHdata/v1/filtransferlocation/{customerKey}
Deactivate a specific file location.DELETEdata/v1/filtransferlocation/{customerKey}