GroupConnect Chat Messaging API

Send real-time event-based messages to your users in Facebook Messenger and LINE.

Use Cases

  • Send Account Updates - Send a message when changes occur in the user account.

    • Profile
    • Preferences
    • Settings
    • Membership status
    • Password
  • Send Payment Updates

    • Send a receipt
    • Send an out-of-stock notification
    • Notify an auction has ended
    • Send a status change on a payment transaction
  • Send Shipping Updates

    • Product is shipped
    • Status changes to in-transit
    • Product is delivered
    • Shipment is delayed
  • Send Reservation Updates

    • Itinerary changes
    • Location changes
    • Confirm cancellation
    • Cancel hotel booking
    • Car rental pick-up time changes
    • Confirm upgrade
  • Send Transportation Updates

    • Flight status changes
    • Ride is canceled
    • Trip is started
    • Ferry has arrived
  • Send Ticket Updates

    • Concert start time changes
    • Event location changes
    • Show is cancelled
    • Refund opportunity is available

Known Limitations

  • This API cannot automatically create contacts.
  • This API cannot use content templates from Content Builder.
  • API send reports are not available.
  • This API addresses only install package permissions.

Review the Facebook Messenger Platform Policies before you send messages using Facebook Messenger.