GET /sms/v1/messageContact/{messageId}/deliveries/{tokenId}

Retrieves the overall delivery status of a message to a contact and the standard SMS status codes and descriptions. Standard SMS status codes are universal regardless of where messages are sent. This API returns status codes in the order received from carriers, so Marketing Cloud can receive codes after the delivered or undelivered status has been returned. Infer the final message status from the status code with the highest numerical value.

messageIdstringRequiredMessage Id provided for the messageContact
tokenIdstringRequiredToken Id returned for the messageContact

Example Request

Example Response

Status values:
  • message - The message text sent in the SMS message

  • count - The total of mobile numbers included in the send request subtracting the number of unsubscribed recipients

  • createdDate - Date when the MessageContact send was submitted, returned in CST

  • createdDate - Date when the send completed, returned in CST

  • Status

    • Finished
    • Error
    • New
    • Queuing
    • Started

Error Response

If the request included an invalid messageId or tokenId, the API returns an appropriate error.

Message id {0} is not valid.The messageID value provided in the URL was not in a valid format.
"Token id {0} is not valid."The tokenId value provided in the URL was not in a valid format.
Token id {0} is not valid for this client.The tokenId value provided is valid but was created for another client.
TokenId {0} is not valid for MessageId {1}.The tokenId value provided is valid for your account but not for the MessageId provided.
An unexpected error occurred, please contact Customer Support with reference id {0}.If this unexpected error is presented when making a call, please take note of the reference id value returned in the error and contact ExactTarget Global Support for more information.