GET /data/v1/async/{requestId}/results

Once the request has been picked up by the asynchronous framework and passed off to the appropriate service for processing, use this resource to retrieve the results of that service operation.

URL Parameters

requestIdstringRequiredThe requestId returned from a previous and successfully submitted asynchronous request, in this case /data/v1/async/dataextensions/*.


202  Accepted
 pageintegerThe requested page number of results.
 pageSizeintegerThe requested page size to retrieve. The defaults is 50.
 countintegerThe total count of the results.
 requestIdguidThe unique identifier of this request.
 itemsarrayThe list of results from processing each item in the request.
 items.errorCodestringThe specific error code.
 items.messagestringA description of the error when status is not OK.
 items.statusstringThe status if processing the item.

Example Request

Example Response

A successfully queued request returns the RequestId and eventually shows a status of completed or error. Once the request is no longer pending use this RequestId in subsequent operations to retrieve the results of the service operation after it finishes processing.

Example Error Response