Gets information for the account and user that are associated with the access token. Supply the access token in the authorization header. User information includes the account name, email, and ID. Account information includes the member ID (MID) and enterprise ID (EID). Application information includes REST and SOAP base URIs, redirect URIs, and scopes. Permission information includes the permission name and ID. Review REST API Permission IDs and Scopes.

200  Response contains information about the account and user associated with the supplied access token.
 expintegerUNIX timestamp when the access token expires.
 issstringIssuer URI
 userobjectUser information
 user.substringEmployee ID of the user. If view=oidc is specified in the request, this value is{employeeId}
 user.namestringThe user’s username.
 user.preferred_usernamestringThe user's user ID.
 user.emailstringEmail address associated with the user’s account.
 user.localestringAccount user’s language and country codes.
 user.zoneinfostringPrincipal city in the user’s time zone. Example: Europe/London.
 user.timezoneobjectUser's time zone information.
 user.timezone.longNamestringFriendly name of the user’s time zone.
 user.timezone.shortNamestringCode for the user’s time zone, in UTC.
 user.timezone.offsetdoubleCoordinated Universal Time (UTC) offset.
 user.timezone.dstbooleanIndicates whether daylight time is applied to the user’s time zone setting.
 organizationobjectOrganization information.
 organization.member_idintegerThe member ID (MID) for the account.
 organization.enterprise_idintegerThe enterprise ID (EID) for the account.
 organization.enterprise_namestringName of the top-level enterprise account.
 organization.account_typestringType of account. Possible values are core, reseller, tiered, and enterprise.
 organization.stack_keystringThe server instance that the account is on.
 organization.regionstringThe account’s data center region. Possible values are NA1 and EU1.
 organization.localestringLanguage and country code for the top-level account.
 organization.zoneinfostringPrincipal city in the top-level account’s time zone. Example: Europe/London.
 organization.timezoneobjectTop-level account’s time zone information.
 organization.timezone.longNamestringFriendly name of the time zone for the top-level account.
 organization.timezone.shortNamestringCode for the top-level account’s time zone code, in UTC.
 organization.timezone.offsetdoubleCoordinated Universal Time (UTC) offset.
 organization.timezone.dstbooleanIndicates whether daylight time is applied to the top-level account’s time zone setting.
 restobjectBase URIs
 rest.rest_instance_urlstringREST base URI
 rest.soap_instance_urlstringSOAP base URI
 applicationobjectApplication information
 application.idstringApplication’s package ID.
 application.namestringApplication’s package name.
 application.redirectUrlarrayURIs set for the application in the package.
 application.appScopesarrayPackage scopes supported for the application.
 permissionsobjectPermissions information
 permissions.objectTypeNamestringName of the type of object permission. Example: Email.
 permissions.operationNamestringName of the permission operation. Example: Update.
 permissions.namestringPermission name
 permissions.idintegerPermission ID. Review REST API Permission IDs and Scopes.
400  Missing access token.
 errorstringInvalid request. Missing access token.
 error_descriptionstringMake sure that the authorization header isn’t empty or null.
401  Invalid access token or tenant-specific endpoint.
 errorstringAccess token or authentication TSE provided is invalid.
 error_descriptionstringInvalid access token or not authorized to use this authentication base URI. Use your authentication base URI found in Installed Packages. Don’t use

To retrieve information about a user, send a GET request to the /v2/userinfo endpoint.

The response contains information about the user.