GET /platform/v1/wrappingKey

Retrieve and create a RSA 4096 wrapping key. This feature isn't enabled by default. Contact your Account Executive for more information about enabling this feature. Data at Rest Encryption must be enabled in your account in order to use this feature.

x-request-idstringRequest ID for the request. Default Format: c39516e2-55e0-426d-8717-b2efed6d9841.
x-mccs-user-contextstringIndicates the MCCS user context. Example: EID=111;MID=111;EmployeeId=111.
x-mccs-keystore-providerstringA key store provider to use for an ImportKey or WrappingKey request, such as kms, keysecure, database. The default value is keysecure.
x-mccs-macstringThe message authentication code for the request.
200  Successfully retrieved public wrapping key bytes
400  Invalid keystore provider name in the request header
 statusintegerFormat: int32.
500  Unable to process request
 statusCodeintegerFormat: int32.

To use this action, issue a GET request to the /platform/v1/wrappingKey endpoint.

The response includes the wrapping key.