Get Started with the Java SDK

Download the Java SDK from GitHub. Make sure you install all dependencies described in the SDK’s

The easiest way to install the Java SDK is by using Maven. Add the following dependency to your project's pom.xml:

Maven automatically resolves, downloads, and installs all dependencies for you.

You can also download a jar file from the Releases page or clone the repository and build a jar file yourself in the standard way. If you go this route, you must ensure you've manually downloaded and installed all dependencies to your class path. These include Apache CXF, Apache Commons BeanUtils, Apache log4j 1.x, and Google Gson.

After you install the SDK, obtain a client ID and client secret from App Center and place them in using src/main/resources/ as a starting template.

The Java SDK is, by default, configured via the properties file named Ensure that this file is in your classpath. Alternatively, pass in the path of the file to be used as an argument to the ETClient constructor.

Example file:

Further documentation for the Fuel Java SDK can be found at