Interact with Auto-Suppression Lists

This page contains information about interacting with auto-suppression lists via the SOAP API.

Auto-suppression lists also you to automatically exclude one or more subscribers from a send based on the content in which a send takes place. You can use the sample code in this document to create and modify auto-suppression lists. You can also retrieve information both on the auto-suppression list itself and the context in which your account uses these auto-suppression lists.

Use the sample code below as a model for your own calls.

Sample SOAP Envelopes

Retrieve an Auto-Suppression List

Retrieve Contexts for an Auto-Suppression List

Create an Auto-Suppression List for a Specified Send Classification

Create an Auto-Suppression List for a Specified Sender Profile

Add a Subscriber to an Auto-Suppression List

Auto-Suppression Lists