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Interact with Automation Studio

Use the SOAP API to interact with Automation Studio.

You must use an active API user on an account that has Automation Studio enabled.

The code samples in this document refer only to automations created via the SOAP API. To interact with these automations, you must use the NewObjectID value returned during the SOAP API creation process. If you don't record this value or if you want to interact with an automation created in the web interface, contact Salesforce Customer Support to retrieve the ID. We recommend that you create the automations using the SOAP API if you plan to use subsequent API calls to interact with those automations.

You can use the SOAP API to perform the following actions within the Automation Studio via your own application or development environment:

The sample code below starts the specified automation. To perform a stop for the specified option, change the string action in the code to stop.

Use Automation ID and AutomationInstanceID to retrieve existing automations. If your account has been migrated, ProgramID is still supported.