List Your App in AppExchange

To list your package as an app on AppExchange, sign up for the Partner Community and walk through these steps with your Marketing Cloud Partner Account Manager.

  1. Sign up for the Partner Community. After signup, a Marketing Cloud Partner Account Manager contacts you to discuss what's next.

  2. Create your Marketing Cloud app. Currently, to list your app in AppExchange, your package must include a Marketing Cloud App component. The app then shows in the Marketing Cloud app menu. Even if you don't plan to use the component, we recommend using the the component's login URL to point to informational or promotional resources.

    Once you add a component to a package, it cannot be removed.

  3. Sign a distribution agreement and engage with a technical evangelist for technical calls.

  4. Create an AppExchange listing in your Partner Community account.

    Before submitting your app to AppExchange, finalize your package settings. Publishing a package to AppExchange locks the package's settings. They cannot be edited.

  5. Submit your app for AppExchange Security Review. After passing the security review, you receive an install URL.

  6. Add the install URL to your AppExchange listing.