Manage Data in Data Extensions

Using the SOAP API to manage data in data extensions allows you to use data extensions in your interactions with Marketing Cloud Engagement while maintaining a tight integration with your system or development environment. Data contained within data extensions can be used to better target or exclude individual subscribers from mailing lists or store more data about subscribers for later use.

Use the sample code below as a model to construct your own API calls.

The sample code below demonstrates how to update values in a data extension. The data extension must have at least one primary column.

The code below updates the name column using the PhoneNumber field (PhoneNumber is the primary key).

As long as the data extension has a primary key, you can use the code below to delete the row. The code below represents a data extension with one primary key. If multiple primary keys exist, those fields would need to be specified.

This function updates existing information and inserts new information as necessary.

Data Extensions