Create a Batch

This API resource creates a batch of privacy setting changes. The call returns a batch_id you then use to GET the status of the batch changes.


customer_midstringID for the account.
batcharrayYesContains key value pairs where the key represents a profile ID and the value is an array of strings representing the intended state of the profile's privacy settings after the record is processed. To remove any existing privacy settings for a profile, pass an empty array, such as [].

To apply the privacy states to the profile, include one or more of these values in the array.

do_not_trackPrevents data received via collect from being saved by Personalization Builder.
do_not_profilePrevents using the profile in generating recommendations.
do_not_processPrevents processing of the profile's data.

These values represent exclusive actions for a single profile. Don't use them with any other processing strings in that profile's array.

rtbf_deleteImmediately deletes the profile and its associated data.
rtbf_suppressDeletes the profile and its associated data after a suppression period of up to 30 days. You can change the suppression period privacy setting. Fourteen days is the default.
remove_rtbf_suppressStops a previously scheduled profile deletion.