POST /hub/v1/dataevents/key:{key}/rowset

The API upserts multiple data extension rows in a single synchronous call. The maximum payload size is 5 MB. As a best practice, post a maximum of 50 columns and 50 records at a time.

keystringRequiredData extension external key, included in URL as key:your external key value here. Required if an ID is not provided.
idstringRequiredData extension ID, included in URL as your ID value here. Required if a key is not provided. For example: /dataevents/{id}/rowset.
keysobjectRequiredKey/Value pair of the primary key(s) for each row
valuesobjectColumn name and value data set for the row being inserted into the data extension

Example Request


Example Response

An invalid request returns the API returns a 400 response with details on the error.