POST /interaction/v1/events


Fires the entry event that initiates the journey. If you use UTF-8 characters in a payload for the Rest API, change the Content-Type header to: application/json; charset=UTF-8.

JSON Parameters

ContactKeystringRequiredThe ID that uniquely identifies a subscriber or a contact
EventDefinitionKeystringRequiredFind the EventDefinitionKey in Event Administration after the event is created and saved. The EventDefinitionKey is present for both standard and custom events. Don’t include a period in the EventDefinitionKey.
DataobjectProperties of the event. Only required if defined in a custom event or by the event.


Example Request

Response: No Errors

Response: Non-Existent EventDefinitionKey

Response: Incorrect JSON Format

Response: Missing <Required Parameter>

Response: Inactive Contact Status

Response: Runtime Error

Response: Data Validation or Conversion Error

Response: Empty or Incorrect Authorization Token

Response: Required Permission Lacking for the Contact