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PUT /hub/v1/dataevents/key:{key}/rows/{primaryKeys}/column/{column}/increment

Increment the value in a column by providing the column name and the external key or ID for its row.

keystringRequiredThe data extension external key, which is included in the URL as key:{keyValue}. If you don’t provide an ID, you must provide an external key.
idstringRequiredThe data extension ID, which is included in the URL. If you don’t provide an external key, you must provide an ID.
primaryKeysarrayRequiredThe key-value pair of the primary key for the row.
columnstringRequiredThe name of the column that contains the value you want to increment.
stepintegerThe amount to increase the value in the specified column. The default value is 1.

Example Request


Example Response

If your request is invalid, the API returns a 400 response. This response includes additional details about the error.