Retrieves multiple CRM records. Use fields in the target entity or select fields from related entities by using many-to-one lookup attributes.

RetrieveMscrmRecords(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

1stringRequiredName of Dynamics CRM entity from which to retrieve records
2stringRequiredA comma-separated list of fields to retrieve
3stringRequiredField name to check value
4stringRequiredOperator to check value
5stringRequiredValue to check

Select the name of the parent account by including name in the list of fields. You can also filter on Many:1 lookup attributes by using the same nomenclature. To retrieve accounts where the parent account's name is, include '','=','' in your filters. All values regularly retrieved in Fetch XML queries are returned. If is one of the fields to be returned, the results will have columns parentaccountid,, and parentaccountid.type.