Returns a rowset with the selected information from Salesforce objects that match the criteria you specify. This function works only with an account integrated with a Salesforce account. Include multiple sets of ordinals 3, 4, and 5 to retrieve information as necessary. Because this function returns data as a rowset, use Row() and Field() to evaluate the data.

Each use of this function generates a SOAP request to the your Salesforce org. The function is subject to the Salesforce API limits in the org. The use of this function should be avoided or minimized in sends to prevent issues with the completion of the send.

RetrieveSalesforceObjects(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

1stringRequiredType of object from which to retrieve information, such as Lead or CustomObject
2stringRequiredNames of fields from which to retrieve information, including multiple comma-separated values such as FirstName,LastName
3stringRequiredNames of fields used to match the record for selection as a WHERE clause. Include only one field name for this parameter.
4stringRequiredOperator used to compare the fifth ordinal to the third ordinal. Valid values include:
  • = (is equal to)
  • < (is less than)
  • > (is greater than)
  • != (is not equal to)
  • <= (is less than or equal to)
  • >= (is greater than or equal to)

You may add additional name, operator and value parameters for more complex filtering.
5stringRequiredValue to compare to the third ordinal for record selection. You may add additional name, operator, and value parameters for more complex filtering. This function joins these WHERE clauses with AND only.

The system returns the first name and last name of all leads in your Salesforce account where the region equals west.

The system returns all leads in the West region with AnnualRevenue over 1 million.