Retrieve the Results of an Import

This page contains information about retrieving the results of an import.

Retrieving the results of an import allows you to view whether information was successfully brought into your Marketing Cloud application and determine if further action is necessary.

Because the system processes imports asynchronously, information for a recently executed import may not be readily available. If your process retrieves no results, repeat your process at a later time to get the appropriate information.

Use the sample code below as an example to construct your own API calls. Possible values include:

  • **New **- The Retrieve request has yet to be processed by the application.
  • **Processing **- The application is processing the Retrieve request.
  • **Completed **- The application has completely processed the Retrieve request.
  • **Error **- An error occurred while processing the Retrieve request.
  • **IOWork **- The application is currently writing information to disk.
  • **Unknown **- No status is currently available for the Retrieve request.

Import Activity