Retrieve the Status of Programs Using AsyncActivityStatus

This page contains information about retrieving the status of programs using the Campaign object (representing the program itself) and AsyncActivityStatus.

You can view the status of active programs to determine how far along these processes are and determine further action from that point.

Use the sample code below as a model to construct your own API call. Note that this Retrieve call ignores the DateValue property of the SimpleFilterPart and the operand for the ComplexFilterPart. The call returns information on calls started between the StartTime and EndTime only.

You can only set up your filters to use the following properties:

  • ParentInteractionObjectID
  • TaskID
  • StartTime
  • EndTime
  • ClientID
  • QueryAllChildren

The call returns ObjectExtension instances for each program that can include the following information:

  • ParentInteractionObjectID
  • ParentTaskID
  • Program
  • ProcessID
  • StepID
  • StepTaskID
  • StepName
  • InteractionID
  • ClientID
  • TaskID
  • ActionType
  • Type
  • AsyncAction
  • AsyncSubAction
  • Status
  • ProcessedCount
  • TotalCount
  • DuplicateCount
  • ErrorCount
  • CustomerKey
  • ErrorMsg
  • ScheduledTime
  • StartDate
  • CompletedDate
  • StatusMessage

Note that this call can return a large amount of information that could cause timeouts. If you encounter this problem, break your request into several smaller calls.