Retrieve the SubscriberStatusEvent

This page contains information about retrieving the SubscriberStatusEvent object.

Retrieving this information gives you identification information about the subscriber, the current subscription status, and the reason why the subscriber unsubscribed, if any. This call only logs events at the All Subscriber list level.

Use the sample code below as a model to construct your own API call.

The CurrentStatus and PreviousStatus properties accept the following values:

  • Normal
  • Held
  • Unsub

The Retrieve call returns an arrary of ObjectExtensions when the ObjectType of the RetrieveRequest is set to SubscriberStatusEvent. If the Retrieve request returns more than 2500 objects, the status of the Retrieve call is MoreDataAvailable, indicating that you need to retrieve the rest of the results in batches using the ContinueRequest property on a RetrieveRequest.

If the unsubscribe occurs due to a Feedback loop, the reason is Spam complaint from <domain>

The code below retrieves a list of subscriber status changes for an account for a date range using SubscriberStatusEvent. Using this object, your can read the data into your application to build a subscriber status history for subscribers.

The Describe call provides the properties available to be retrieved. A Describe call accepts one or many ObjectDefinitionRequest and returns one or many ObjectDefinitions. The ObjectDefinitionRequest takes an ObjectType to specify which object you wish to describe.

This sample code demonstrates how to describe the SubscriberStatusEvent to see what information can be retrieved:

This sample code demonstrates how to retrieve the SubscriberStatusEvent.

This sample code demonstrates how to use the RetrieveAllSinceLastBatch option to pull back the most recent information: