Retrieve Tracking Results for One-to-One Triggered Sends

This page contains information about retrieving tracking results for one-to-one triggered sends.

You must use a send logging data extension and either use an existing triggered send definition or create a new triggered send definition.

The procedures and code contained in this document allow you to retrieve tracking information that is not otherwise available via Marketing Cloud or the SOAP API.

Follow the steps below to configure your send logging data extension, update and run your triggered send definition, and retrieve the applicable tracking data:

Create a new profile attribute - the example code below names the attribute UniqueID, but you can change the name as appropriate.

Modify your existing send Log data extension to have a field named UniqueID.

If you don't have a send log data extension, you can create a new data extension.

Update an existing triggered send definition or create a new one, and be sure to set the **IsSendLogging **property to true.

Trigger an email using the triggered send definition from step 4 with Send Logging passing in a value for the UniqueID attribute. You need to publish/start the triggered send definition after creating/updating it in order for you to trigger an email to it.

Use the Retrieve method to retrieve the JobID, BatchID, and SubscriberID for that specific send fromthe send log data extension.

Use the three properties from step 6 to perform a retrieve on whatever tracking event you are looking for. The examples shows SentEvent, but you can modify the code to retrieve opens, clicks, unsubs, and the events.