Get Started with Marketing Cloud Engagement Platform SDKs

The platform SDKs provide a cross-functional framework around the SOAP and REST APIs. This framework allows developers to integrate APIs using native language code libraries. The platform SDKs use both the SOAP and REST APIs to provide agnostic protocol interfaces and automated token management.

There are six community-supported SDKs.

We also provide SDKs for iOS and Android to use with MobilePush.

This information applies only to the Marketing Cloud Engagement platform SDKs. For MobilePush SDKs, review MobilePush SDKs. For the Content Builder SDK, review Extend Content Builder.

The Marketing Cloud Engagement Platform SDKs, excluding the MobilePush SDK and Content Builder SDK, are community-supported projects. The SDK source code, samples, and documentation are publicly available on Github to use as-is or fork and modify for your needs. We invite everyone in the community to collaborate with us on Github and submit pull requests to help improve the source code and samples.

  • File issues and feature requests on Github.