POST /contacts/v1/contacts/preferences/search?ReferenceType={ReferenceType}

Searches for consent management information in contact records by reference type. For best performance, use batches of contact ID values whenever possible.

URL Parameters

ReferenceTypeintegerRequiredFor contact key, use 1. For contact ID, use 2.

JSON Parameters

itemsarrayRequiredArray of contact IDs or contact keys to search.


200  Searched contact preferences by reference type.
 itemsarrayArray of contact IDs and other properties to add.
 items.contactIDlongUnique ID for the contact.
 items.hasOptedOutTrackingbooleanIndicates whether a contact opted out of tracking information.
 rowsAffectedintegerNumber of rows returned.
 requestServiceMessageIDguidService message ID for the request.
 responseDateTimeintegerDate and time of the retry response in UTC.
 resultMessagesarrayArray of messages about the request. Includes details, such as resulttype and resultcode, about a bad request.
 serviceMessageIDguidService message ID for the response.

Required Marketing Cloud Permissions

  • Assets, Upload
  • Assets, Publish

Required Scope

  • Documents and Images, Read and Write
  • Saved Content, Read and Write

Example Request

Example Response