Email Activity Format

The version 2 email activity, also known as send email activity, allows you to send email messages from within your journeys. This activity type can’t be used in a custom activity.

Existing version 1 email activities remain in the legacy format and function as normal until they are edited. When a marketer edits and saves a send email activity, Journey Builder automatically upgrades the activity by mapping the data to the version 2 format.

The activity must be formatted as specified below. The following JSON object is included in the activities array of a journey, as defined in the Journey Specification.

  • The email activity creates a triggered send which it uses during runtime to deliver the email message.

    • When a journey is unpublished, the triggered send is set to inactive.
    • If the activity is republished, the triggered send is reactivated to keep reporting numbers for accurate versions.
  • You can obtain the sender profile ID and delivery profile ID by going to Email Studio > Admin > Delivery Settings.

  • The email you configure for use with this activity must meet certain delivery standards.

    • Contain a Profile Center link
    • Pass validations
    • Contain only valid AmpScript and SSJS
    • Must not contain any errors
  • If an exception occurs while publishing the journey containing an invalid email, the errors will display in the Journey Builder UI.

Journey Specification