Sets the keyword for the next conversation path based on an SMS response from an MO user. Use the current keyword or a new keyword for a different conversation path. You can use this AMPscript function for MobileConnect. This function does not create a new conversation. SetSMSConversationNextKeyword directs the current conversation to the next keyword to use as part of that overall conversation. You cannot use this function with conversation-based templates, including Double Opt-In or Info Capture

SetSmsConversationNextKeyword(1, 2, 3)

1stringRequiredShort code of the SMS service
2stringRequiredMOBILE_NUMBER variable for the user's mobile number
3stringRequiredKeyword name to set as the next conversation keyword

During a conversation between the MT user and the MO user, this example will change to the conversation path indicated by the EXAMPLE keyword.

The conversation is moved to the new path indicated and proceeds from there. Please note that this example does not execute the set keyword immediately; it sets the keyword to handle the next message from the MO user.