Set User Role Permissions

You can enable or disable access to features and information within your account via roles.

Use these code examples as a model for building your own API calls.

This table defines the permissions that you can set using SOAP API. Not all accounts include all available features. Contact your Account Executive for more information about the features that are active in your account.

Role IDRole NameDescription
3CLIENT_ADMINCan add users to an account
4PRO_ADMINCan create and view accounts
5VIEW_TRACKINGCan only view tracking information
6CRT_LIST_VIEWCan only view and modify published email messages
7RM_TMPLTCan't access templates
8SEND_EMAIL_OFFCan't send email messages
12DELETE_LIST_OFFCan't delete lists
13PROFILE_READONLYCan't modify profile attributes
14SF_REPORTSCan run reports
15SF_REPORTS_FULLCan run reports and retrieve all contacts
16DENY_LIST_ACCESSCan't access lists
17DELETE_EMAIL_OFFCan't delete email messages
18CREATE_EMAIL_OFFCan't create email messages
19EXT_SEND_INTGRNCan link to an external website for email sends
23WebServicesCan use the SOAP API
24ATTRIBS_READONLYCannot modify profile attribute values
25ADMIN_DATA_MANCan access administrative data management
26TEST_SEND_ONLYCan only conduct test sends
28REMOVE_CRMCan't access Marketing Cloud Engagement from any external systems
29REMOVE_INTERACTCan't access any interactions
30REMOVE_360Can't access 3sixty
31SYS_DEF_ADMINEnables user as system-defined admin
32SYS_DEF_CONTENTEnables user as system-defined content creator
33SYS_DEF_DATAEnables user as system-defined data manager
34SYS_DEF_ANALYSTEnables user as system-defined analyst
35MANAGE_DATA_EXTPermits user to manage data extension data and retention policy
38APPROVERAllow user to approve email messages
39SYS_DEF_DS_USERDistributed Sending User