SMS Status Codes

This table includes status codes returned from MobileConnect API calls for all locations. Use these codes to evaluate and troubleshoot your SMS sends.

1000QueuedToSfmcSendServiceMessage queued to internal send service.
1500QueueFailureToSfmcSendServiceMessage failed to queue to internal send service. Retry your send.
1501ValidationErrorInternal validation error. Retry your send.
2000DeliveredToAggregatorMessage delivered to aggregator. Status will be updated when delivery confirmation comes from carrier or mobile device. For shared codes, this is the final status.
2500FailedToAggregatorMessage not delivered to aggregator. Retry your send.
2501UnknownToAggregatorUnknown aggregator error.
2600ThrottledToAggregatorMessage not accepted by aggregator due to capacity issues. Salesforce exhausted the retry process.
3000EnrouteMessage is en route to carrier. Waiting on carrier confirmation.
3001SentToCarrierMessage sent to carrier. Waiting to be accepted by carrier.
3002AcceptedByCarrierMessage accepted by carrier. Waiting for delivery confirmation.
3400UnknownUnknown error
4000DeliveredMessage delivered to mobile device.
4500UndeliverableMessage not delivered to mobile device.
4501ExpiredMessage expired. Message exhausted the carrier retry process. Mobile device may be out of carrier range.
4502DeletedMessage deleted by the carrier.
4503RejectedMessage rejected. Carrier may have detected a loop or assumed that message is spam. This status can indicate an administrative or financial problem between the operator and the end users.