Performs a GET from the specified URL and interacts with HTTP headers as specified by the applicable methods. This function caches content for use in mail sends. This function returns a Script.Util.HttpResponse object with the response from the GET call. The timeout value for this function is 30 seconds.


1stringRequiredReturns the specified response header
  • setHeader() - Name and value pairs of headers sent when performing the GET request, which disables content caching

  • removeHeader() - String value indicating header to remove from collection sent with request

  • clearHeader() - String value indicating removal of all custom headers set for the request

  • send() - Perform a send of the request to the website and returns a response data object

  • retries - Numerical value that sets the number of times the call will retry, defaults to 1

  • continueOnError - Boolean value indicating whether call returns an exception upon an error or continues. Defaults to false.

    • true - continues
    • false - returns an exception
  • emptyContentHandling - Numerical value indicating how the call responds when the GET call returns no content:

    • 0 - continue
    • 1 - stop the call
    • 2 - Move on to next subscriber for email sends only