NameData TypeDescription
AccountsPurchasedxsdMarketing Cloud Accounts purchased
AdvAccountsPurchasedxsdThis property represents the number of advertising accounts purchased for the account.
BeginDatexsdSpecifies the date a subscription begins.
BUAccountsPurchasedxsdDefines the number of business units purchased for a subscription.
ContractModifierxsdReserved for future use.
ContractNumberxsdReserved for future use.
DOTOAccountsPurchasedxsdSpecifies number of Marketing Cloud agency reseller accounts purchased.
EmailsPurchasedxsdSpecifies the number of emails purchased in a subscription.
EndDatexsdSpecifies the end data of an activity.
ForAccountingxsdReserved for future use.
HasPurchasedEmailsxsdReserved for future use.
IsRenewalxsdReserved for future use.
LPAccountsPurchasedxsdSpecifies the number of Lock and Publish account purchased.
NotificationExpDateNullable`1Reserved for future use.
NotificationFlagxsdReserved for future use.
NotificationMessagexsdReserved for future use.
NotificationTitlexsdReserved for future use.
NumberofEmailsxsdReserved for future use.
PeriodxsdReserved for future use.
SubscriptionIDNullable`1Reserved for future use.