Test SOAP Envelopes

This page contains information about testing SOAP envelopes. You can test SOAP envelopes to ensure correct coding before using them to interact with SOAP API.

Testing ensures that your SOAP envelopes are correctly formed and function as expected when submitted to the SOAP API. Doing so also helps prevent the amount of unexpected API issues and reduce potential occurrences of data loss or corruption.

Follow the instructions below to test your SOAP envelopes using Mozilla's Firefox browser.

1. Download the Poster extension for Firefox. Poster is a developer tool for interacting with web services and other web resources that lets you make HTTP requests and set the entity body and content type. This allows you to interact with web services and inspect the results. 2. Paste the SOAP envelope into the tool. 3. Set the endpoint to whatever environment you wish to test against. 4. Add a header for SOAPAction with the appropriate value (such as Create or Retrieve) for the envelopes below. 5. If there is a timestamp in the header for expiration, delete the entire parent element. 6. Change the username and password in the envelope. 7. Press Post to get the response.

You can also use a more full-featured tool like SOAPUI. You can download this tool and install it on your computer for use in testing SOAP envelopes. Find detailed instructions on http://www.soapui.org/.

The examples below use POST over HTTPS and interact with the SOAP API. For the purposes of this example, post the sample SOAP to with URL below with an HTTP Header of SOAPAction and a value of Create: