Transactional Messaging API Activities

When you send a message using the Transactional Messaging API, it goes through these steps.

  1. Your system sends a transactional message using the Marketing Cloud Engagement Transactional Messaging API.
  2. Information from the API request is applied to the transactional message definition. This step personalizes the message per recipient, assigns recipients to a contact list, and saves request parameters to a data extension, if used.
  3. The Event Notification Service sends the status of the message via a webhook to another system.

A chart that displays the steps that a transactional message goes through. In the upper left, there’s a rectangle that shows a message being sent using REST API. An arrow pointing to the right indicates that the message is sent to Marketing Cloud, where personalization content is retrieved and applied to the message. Another arrow pointing to the right represents the message arriving in the subscriber’s inbox, while an arrow pointing back to the right indicates the response data being sent to the sender’s webhook URL.